I have been working in the healing arts since 2007. I began my journey through the power of Quantum Touch healing and the Chakra system explained in yoga & Ayurvedic traditions. While exploring these traditions in my travels, as well as reading everything I could put my hands on, I discovered for myself similarities in every technique I encountered from different parts of the world.

When I committed to meditation in 2009, I found my own path to understanding these ancient mystic traditions and learned how to blend them both mindfully & efficiently to the benefit of people I serve.

My knowing and education draw me to conclude that the fastest ways to bring health & healing to anything requires 3 things: Deep breathing, deep relaxation, and deep awareness. I also know that the most efficient ways to create these conditions is through silent meditation & intelligently applied sound.

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Improve your health through thoughtful well-designed personal yoga practices.

Good health is a precious thing in this life; without it everything else becomes significantly harder. Practices like yoga,  chanting, breath work, dancing, meditation are great at de-stressing, maintaining, and empowering our bodies and mind.

Developing a practice designed specifically for your body, mind, spirit, & your goals can support you in living a full, meaningful, and joyful life. If you are healthy and looking to have a daily  practice designed for your on the go lifestyle we can create one! 

If you are injured or suffering from chronic or acute health conditions, a properly designed yoga therapy practice will take into consideration your body, mind, spirit, faith, daily lifestyle habits, routines, medications, and support. From their receive a practice that can support health & healing where possible, pain management when necessary, and an extension of stability, mobility, and strength. 

They say pain is inevitable, and suffering is a choice, allow properly designed practices to help you create a life of ease and grace instead.

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Hands on healing is found in every faith globally, and yet most people have

Corrie has worked with energy healing for more than a decade. She is able to offer both in person and long distance healing sessions. At its best, energy work can support your bodies own healing processes -speeding up recovery time from injury or illness, reducing pain levels, or encouraging your body to spontaneously reset itself. While each persons experiences and results vary on a large number of factors, the very least a person will experience is a deep state of relaxation.  On occasions Corrie, will also gain insights or awareness about a message your energetic field is trying to communicate with you. 

People leave the sessions feeling relaxed, rested and ready for what comes next. 

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