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What else could

you choose?




Are you challenging family traditions and beliefs? Are you breaking social norms? Are you swimming against the current & every choice feels like an uphill climb? Are you doing it not because you can, but you must.


Or maybe you've crafted a reality that fits neatly inside the model you grew up and the expectations you fulfill feel normal, yet you wonder, is this it?


Private coaching is a favorite among many of my clients, described as a way back to ones self that felt forgotten. Regardless of the path you are presently choosing.

Whether you're working through feelings of doubt or 'stuckness', or you're flowing forward in your creativity, it's valuable to have a cheering section. Grow into your future confidently knowing your coach is there for you to bounce around ideas, clear out mental obstacles and limited thinking, and help you get clear on your vision. 

Bring your 'stuff' to the conversation. Relationships, money, education, career, the list is endless. The tools don't discriminate against issues and will work for anyone who is ready to transform their reality to something lighter, freer, abundant, and more fulfilling. 

Am I the right coach for you? Are you the right client for me?

My most successful clients are those who are willing to hold 3 foundational ideas as true, at least during our sessions. See if they resonate with you:

1: Source (Universe, Creation, Buddha, Allah, God, Your choice), is always conspiring in your favor. No matter how good or bad, right or wrong the world feels, it is here to serve you.

2. Everything that happens in your reality was your choice. This requires great responsibility and great opportunity. This is not to blame or shame you for anything that has happen, quite the opposite. When we take ownership of reality we gain an awareness of our power to create change!

3. An openness to the idea that when acting with consciousness you can't do life wrong. There's only your path of lightness and ease, and the path of everything else (senses, emotions, learning, opportunity for growth and greater self-awareness). The same is true for everyone else -though no two of us have the same path of lightness & ease, just places where we can walk together.

If you are willing and able to trust, or at least explore these three ideas, let's schedule an introductory session and experience for yourself if we're a good match! An introduction session is discounted to $99 and can last up to 90 minutes! Because it's a longer time slot, there are a limited number of times available for new clients each month; don't wait to book!

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Congratulations! You've taken a leap of faith, joined forces, & together are creating more! Yet, sometimes you wonder where is the more? How do you imagine your relationship to feel & be in 5 years if you continued on the path you are on? Is it amazing?

Couples coaching with Corrie is great for couples who are committed to making life better together. Nearly every couple faces challenges that would benefit from caring outside support. This isn't therapy for couples already falling apart; it's coaching for couples seeking to empower themselves & their partners for greater joy, intimacy, creativity, & feelings of love. 


Couples packages start at $899 and includes sessions for both individuals as well as sessions together and unlimited emails to ask questions for the month. Discover what 'more' is for each of you, & how to bring your visions together to create it. Bring the challenges & obstacles to the conversation in a safe & non-judgmental environment, with the intentions of building a fulfilling future together. If you desire it, get in alignment with each other about what roles you each need to play to make it happen. Rediscover your partner for who they are today, not who they were when you first came together.   


Experience feelings of more: more connection, fairness, support, community, intimacy, abundance, health & wellness. What will you create together? What will you create individually? When you really feel your partner is on your team, what leaps of faith could you both take next?