Prepared &

to ready to share?

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Are you finding the right people for you to serve? You know, a tribe who needs your services and talents?

Do you feel like you are lost in a sea of webinars telling you how to run your business? Feel like it's hard to know who & what to trust & invest your money & time to figure it all out? Notice they all contradict each other?

There is so much to learn in business & at times it's beyond overwhelming. The struggle is real! Like other entrepreneurs I immersed myself in business materials & I felt more in my head instead of my knowing. Too often all this expert advice just added to doubt, confusion & a path of fear.  Fear about my life, my work, my path, my dreams, & the world I thought I was seeking to create. I was working on my business & losing touch with what I loved about my work. For too many talented sisters the same is true.


Let's transform the exhausting challenge of finding a tribe that values our talents & services and instead learn to collaborate with others. Whatever you dream of teaching you can offer at the Full Moon Gathering: dancing, energy work, healing, singing, inner child work, anything where you can guide others online. Let's work together & shift that energy. We'll make a plan that fits your vision & motivations. From there, allow Soul Sisters Full Moon Gatherings be a place where you can experiment with your professional plan in a safe and reaffirming environment.


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Embrace the Opportunity

Email me your request, at least 1 month in advance, to offer a session for a full moon online gathering.

Include a short description of the service you wish to teach. This will serve as a blog post to advertise your contribution to the full moon gathering

 (it won't be used unless you're scheduled to be be a presenter).

*Note: This is not a recruiting space for

people who are part of

multi-lateral marketing companies.


Guidance & Inspiration

Let's talk business.

What is your vision? What are you bringing to the gathering? What could sharing with this circle create for you? What challenges, obstacles, or fears might be your way? Which month would you like to share? What packages would you like to offer? What else is possible?


During this session we'll make a plan that leaves you feeling confident! This 90-min call is $150, alternative options are available.


Teach & Receive

Join the full moon call.

When it's your turn, do your thing.  

Be surrounded with gratitude & get constructive support.


Share your story. Promote your work.

Sell your service packages to the group!

The call will be emailed to any women not in attendance.

No commission is taken. You'll receive email addresses of sisters who are on the live call for follow-up.


As someone committed to the healing arts, I've often found it hard to find the teachers and healers that resonate with me.


In the early stages of yoga teaching, opportunities to teach came rather easily. As I desired to grow, I developed my teaching skills with the mindset that being awesome at what I do would be enough. I didn't nurture my community properly or my business skills. I learned the hard way that people who master their art that are not guaranteed to succeed.  Oh how unfun & unfair that felt!  


Still, I resisted. I shared my gifts over and over, too often for free or in exchange for services and gifts I didn't desire. As a consequence, I felt a lack of acknowledgment and gratitude for all the benefits I know my students received. I'd hit my crossroad. All the visible paths I'd designed for myself felt unsustainable; and what a waste for the world to not receive all the valuable insights and gifts my practices accumulated.


I needed to change. So slowly and diligently, I employed my best yoga & coaching tools. What I've since learned is that taking time to understand marketing & business skills contributed to my own self-awareness and is required for me to find people I can best serve. And, it doesn't have to be a miserable experience! My confidence grew & I started paying my own teachers better; which felt amazing. I reminded myself of the world I wished to live in and actively took steps to create it.


For me, that world includes bringing vision to money & politics which I am still designing my path. And at its core it includes the Soul Sisters Coaching Full Moon Gatherings that I first created in Mysore, India in 2017.  It was a long journey to get out of my own way and I am wiser for it. Plus, marketing isn't so bad when I'm clear what I desire. 

Yes, it all changes so fast & I'm still learning the tools. Nonetheless, I love sharing what I've learned along the way & would like to help you get clear and find your path of least resistance to your greatest results.


The Universe wishes to give you that and you deserve nothing less. Would you like to be pointed in a direction that is more in alignment with you?

I'm Ready!