Soul Sisters



The full moon is a time for ceremony and gathering.

The full moon reminds us to honor ourselves, share our stories,

cheer on our sisters, experience new services, and welcome all that is coming!

Every month, near or on the new moon gather online with other women to celebrate life.

This is a global tribe so times will vary.

In addition, each month I will email a short meditation for quiet reflection during the new moon.

There is an opportunity for you to share your services as well. 

If you can, gather your girlfriends in person and join us online!

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The Beginning

Soul Sisters began in Mysore, India, as a full moon gathering. I was seeking more connection to women as I delved deeper into my yoga practices. I invited a few women to share their gifts & together we invited all our friends to a shared meal at a cafe.

After dinner, 26 women gathered that first night on the roof top. Greeted with a bonfire, a hot cacao ritual, music, movement, & a sharing circle that connected in with the #metoo movement.

It was joyful, magical, & profound. 

There were more bonfires held over the next few months & the FB group grew quickly without a greater intention beyond Mysore. As with so many travelers the trip home required some adjustment period and suddenly I knew what purpose I wish to create with this amazing group. I'm delighted to share it with you now.

Please join me & my Soul Sisters of Mysore to create a world a whole lot more magical than we found it.

"Find a group of people who

challenge & inspire you,

spend a lot of time with them,

& it will change your life forever."

~Amy Poehler