I am a modern nomad; though if pushed I'd say my home base is in Washington, DC. I have traveled the world for nearly a decade of my life; I stopped counting after I hit country no. 25. Five of these years were spent living in a camper in SE Asia. 


I became certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists in 2017. In 2006, I completed my first yoga teacher training and since then have taken numerous classes, courses, & workshop around the world related to physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual health. I have also taught at teacher trainings- functional anatomy, body assessment, pranayama, & prenatal yoga. Yoga therapy provides me a solid training for supporting physical, mental, and spiritual health & wellbeing. I supplemented my yoga training by employing my own life coach since 2008. 


I served as a contractor to the US government for four years teaching yoga in multiple agencies including HHS, FTC, USAID, HoR, & more. I have taught in several countries including classes with no English speakers present. My greatest challenge was once being asked to teach a class without speaking - it wasn't so easy.

I completed five Vipassana courses (10-days of silence each), and meditate 1-6 hours daily. I like it, it works. I also hold certificates in the healing arts including Reiki, Quantum Touch healing, Access Bars, & hypnosis.

I love dancing, storytelling, reading, traveling, coffee with friends, listening to music, and while I have yet to find any success, I find joy in singing. Don't ask, yet!

I have two degrees: a BA in International Relations, and an MA in Government. I geek out on envisioning inclusive political policies like reforming our tax system & creating a single-payer wellness system. However, for now my focus is on connecting and empowering more women to align with their visions for life and our world.


Together, we can all create a world we love to be in.


During my first trip to India in 2009, I was staying in an eco-friendly paragliding camp on a tabletop mountain. One evening I was sitting under the stars with a new friend gazing into the darkness when he asked me, "What would you want your epitaph to say?"

My first answer recalled a mantra I made as a teenager, "Live a juicy life worth re-telling, & maybe a little too juicy that I shouldn't." Yes, I've lived pretty true to this, yet that question required more of me. It took a couple of years to refine a greater response and it comes down to two ideas: "Love people so well, they remember who they are," & "Co-create a world we all love to be in." His simple question put consciousness to my life. In getting clear on this question I was able to give my life overarching purpose, direction, and meaning; a foundation on which to focus my choices. And yes, it's a messy process, & sometimes I stumble; it is nonetheless my aim and it lights me up.


I think we all live with different awareness and knowledge about the world around us. I also know we get from life what we ask of it, though most of the time we do not know what our asking actually sounds like. I invite you to join any groups or schedule an intro session so you can use your power of asking and choice to create more of a life you love to live. Would you like me to help you?